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AI CRM Enrichment

The Problem:

Manual inputs, portal logins and unreliable plugins for traditional CRMs are time costly, inefficient and inaccurate. The high-frequency, high-value communication over chat systems are often missed, giving an incomplete picture of your revenue generating activities.

Synapse Solution:

  • FeedStock automatically captures all of your client interactions across every distribution channel and seamlessly feeds that data into your CRM system.
  • FeedStock’s software captures 10x more client engagement data, 5x more contacts and is 100% consistent when compared to a market leading CRM.
  • FeedStock integrates fully with all existing business applications so no manual data entries are required. Unrivalled insights with no disruption to your daily workflow.

Example Cases

Asset Management Firm

Our client, an asset management firm, wanted a MiFID II research inducement tracking solution that did not demand any incremental tasks of its revenue generators and allowed them to focus entirely on the investment process. Recognizing that their PMs and analysts were already time-starved, automation and non-disruption were paramount for the head of operations who was choosing the solution.  FeedStock was the perfect fit because it integrated with all their existing IT systems and ensured compliance without distracting the front office from their core roles. Overall, FeedStock was able to reduce bureaucratic burden of compliance for this firm, keeping the front office happy and compliant.

Multinational Investment Bank

This investment bank had been using a traditional CRM system to record their client engagement and interaction. An internal audit revealed that the information it contained was largely inaccurate and much of it was out-of-date or missing. They also knew that their greatest blind spot was the high-frequency, high-value communications. The company wanted to leverage our unique technologies to track the distribution of their research services and monitor their client relationships. FeedStock’s automated engagement analytics delivers a richer dataset than any of the traditional CRM systems. Using artificial intelligence, FeedStock embeds invisibly to generate an average of 3000 data points per user per day, without any need for manual input. The granularity of this information enables this client to truly understand the efficacy of their outreach and calculate the value-add to each of their individual clients.


Hedge Fund

The head of research at a London-based hedge fund contacted FeedStock because they had opted to pay for sell-side research from their P&L, but with their current system had little visibility as to whether the firm was really benefitting from their contracts with over fifty research providers. He wanted a much more granular understanding of how the PMs and analysts in the firm were consuming sell-side research so that he could pay for those services accurately and proportionately. Since installing FeedStock this firm has made considerable cost efficiencies in how they assign their research budget.