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FeedStock brings about transformative efficiencies in research management while automatically generating accurate metrics for research payments and preventing inducements, as required by MiFID II. We offer a unique solution because we make you more competitive while enabling you to meet your compliance obligations for accurate research payments. FeedStock is non-intrusive; it operates in the background and does not interfere with the investment process.

FeedStockAnalytics addresses the buy-side’s obligation to accurately pay for sell-side research. It is data source agnostic and automatically tracks the full range of research interactions, seamlessly generating independent datasets that enable you to budget, negotiate and calculate research payments in a way that is accurate, proportionate and predictable.

FeedStockWorkStream is a productivity dashboard where written research is automatically classified and stored. With intuitive collaboration tools and an intelligent prioritisation engine, documents can be annotated and shared across channels and teams. FeedStockWorkStream creates transformative efficiencies in research management.

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FeedStock Analytics.

FeedStock Analytics.

FeedStock Analytics was designed specifically to address the buy-side’s requirements to accurately pay for sell-side research, as stipulated by the EU’s MiFID II directive.

Our system automatically maps the users’ interactions with investment research providers – capturing emails, portals, meetings and calls. We do not force our users into a different working environment; instead, we integrate into your existing systems allowing you to continue to consume research across all the platforms you do today.

Defensible metrics for budgeting and paying for research are produced in a way that is proportionate and predictable. Usage data is both qualitative and quantitative, ensuring that research payments are accurate, fair and in line with the MiFID II regulations.

The data can be aggregated or segmented, as per your requirement, and inducements can be managed from a centralized compliance dashboard. The granular tracking can also be used for trade justification, monitoring market abuse and CPD purposes.

FeedStock WorkStream.

Research documents, charts and tables are stored and organized on a personalized, interactive platform with in-built search, evaluation and collaboration tools for fund managers and analysts.

You are able to upload research documents and snip charts directly from your browser. Research is classified according to type, region and ticker for easy search functionality and retrospective trade justification.

Documents can be annotated, snipped, and shared across teams and channels for improved productivity and collaboration.

FeedStock ensures a seamless transition to the MiFID II environment without disrupting the investment process.

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FeedStock WorkStream.