Sell-Side Features


Using the latest machine learning technologies, FeedStock integrates invisibly with your existing IT infrastructure to automatically capture your work-related interactions with buy-side clients across all your communication channels. The software compares inbound and outbound engagement and captures the high-volume, high-value data streams.


Automatically identifies and classifies communication using AI

With an overview that distinguishes between high-value engagement types, you can immediately visualise the impact that your outreach is having and gain granular insights into your relationships.


Beyond the limits of your CRM

The data generated is richer than anything you have seen before. It is dynamic so that you can drill down and analyse the effectiveness of your interactions across different engagement types and distribution channels, relentlessly improving your service.


Inbound enquiries versus other engagement

Our machine learning algorithms classify inbound communication types and distinguish between enquiries and other interactions. The granularity of this data empowers you with actionable insights to help you outperform.


Events are captured directly from your Outlook calendar

FeedStock automatically records event types, removing the need to input data twice. Understanding how you are using your time empowers you to streamline your day, becoming increasingly more efficient.


Analyse engagement ratios

Being aware of engagement trends over time gives you a holistic picture of your client relationships and enables you to scrutinise and improve.


View your team’s client engagement over chat

This high-frequency, high-value communication medium is often forgotten. FeedStock leaves no stone unturned in its ability to provide a truly holistic picture of your client interactions.

Always there,
generating insights

FeedStock works with precision to automatically capture all your work-related interactions, giving you holistic analytics far beyond all CRM capability. FeedStock empowers you to outperform by knowing your clients better.

Let FeedStock empower you with more time

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