Sell-Side Features


Using the latest machine learning technologies, FeedStock integrates invisibly with your existing IT infrastructure to automatically capture your research related interactions with buy-side clients across all your communication channels. The software compares inbound and outbound engagement and captures the high-volume, high-value data streams.


Automatically classifies all communication using AI

With an overview that distinguishes between high-value engagement types, you can immediately visualise the impact that your outreach is having and gain granular insights into your relationships.


Tracking every interaction- charge your CRM

The data generated is 10x richer than market leading CRMs. FeedStock tracks all your high-value, high-frequency communication whilst automatically categorising both inbound and outbound communication types. For example, bespoke research, generic research and research enquiries.


Research enquiries versus other engagement

Our machine learning algorithms classify inbound communication types distinguishing between research-related enquiries, client enquiries as well as other engagement types. The granularity of this data empowers you with actionable insights to help you outperform.


Interactions are captured automatically from your existing applications

FeedStock integrates with your existing IT infrastructure to ensure there is no disruption to your daily workflow. Your research related activities are tracked automatically without the need for any manual inputs.

360° Analytics

View your team’s client engagement over all data sources

FeedStock is able to capture granular data from all data sources such as chat systems, calls and calendars. The system can differentiate between multiple interaction types in order to derive valuable insights from these fast growing mediums of communication.

Always there,
generating insights

FeedStock works with precision to automatically capture all your work-related interactions, giving you holistic analytics far beyond all CRM capability. FeedStock empowers you to outperform by knowing your clients better.

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