Cloud Security

FeedStock hosts its databases, data warehouses and all client environments on single or multi-tenant isolated Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The IT infrastructure that AWS provides to its clients is designed and managed in alignment with security best practices and a variety of IT security standards, including but not limited to:

– SOC 1 / SOC 2 / SOC 3



– DOD CSM Levels 1-5

– ISO 27001

In addition to leveraging AWS best practice industry standards for cloud IT inrastructure, FeedStock employes all the available authentication credentials for access to our VPCs, including IAM passwords, Security Keys for CLI, SDK & API access, U2F multi-factor authentication devices and X.509 certificates to secure SOAP-protocol requests.

AWS is globally recognised as the pre-eminent leader in secure and reliable cloud computing. For Further information on AWS’s security please access the links below:

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– Introduction to AWS Security Processes

– Securing Data at Rest

– Security at Scale: Logging in AWS