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Why data-literacy will be the key driver of value generation in 2020

21 Feb 2020

Business goals are now inextricably linked to an enterprise’s digital transformation and data analytics initiatives.

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How AI will help asset managers win in the era of regulatory change

30 Jan 2020

This blog looks at the reaction to MiFID II from industry leaders, associations and lobbyists and assesses what strategies the leading firms are implementing to...

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Increasing the ROI of a capital markets sales team

20 Jan 2020

Prioritising revenue growth over cost reduction MIT Sloan Management Review’s research report “Winning with AI” acknowledges that 40% of organisations making significant investments in AI...

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How much is poor CRM data costing your enterprise?

12 Dec 2019

How is your CRM impacting front-office efficiency? A recent study done by Forbes of 720 sales reps found that nearly two-thirds of a sales professional’s...

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FeedStock’s Data Science team meets PyData Cambridge

4 Dec 2019

No Magic AI: Humans still very much in the loop at PyData Cambridge Last month, FeedStock sponsored the first ever PyData convention in the UK...

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Who said email is dead?

21 Nov 2019

What will email look like in 2025? Of the many predictions which have been made about how technology is going to evolve and how it...

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