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Global Asset Manager Case Study

4 Aug 2020

A case study of how FeedStock Cortex was able to help one of the largest asset management firms address research procurement and pricing challenges.

Case Study

Why exploiting your data is essential to thrive

24 Jul 2020

We talk about being data-driven, but how does data and analytics enable an enterprise to thrive? We share our insider knowledge at FeedStock, alongside insights...

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Data-driven intelligence to ensure revenue protection in times of crisis

6 Jul 2020

Times have changed with more business activities than ever now taking place through digital channels. Front-office revenue generators and enterprise leaders need to be equipped...

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Smart technology to improve compliance in the remote working era

23 Jun 2020

The transition to remote working caused by COVID-19 has not made compliance any easier. Diverging global regulatory environments caused by de-globalisation is compounding an already...

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Use your data to manage enterprise costs in a crisis

12 May 2020

This quick-read looks at how enterprises can use data to manage costs, while maximising the operational, cultural and revenue-generating opportunities that arise from a major...

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How has COVID-19 changed our email behaviour: over 30% more emails being read in the remote-working environment

24 Apr 2020

This quick-read draws on analysis we have carried out on email activity data before and after the government's announcement of lock down on 23 March...

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