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Today’s modern, mobile and social workforce operate in an ever more complex and digital world, where you use a myriad of channels and systems to communicate and operate your business.

Many of your systems rely on manual inputs, which means you are missing data and interactions from unstructured communications that sit outside your systems. If you’re using incomplete and inaccurate data, you don’t have a complete view of your enterprise on which to base your decisions and actions.



We are always looking for the best technology solutions that can deliver value to our business. We chose FeedStock because of its new automated approach to understanding client interactions and have been amazed by the insights it produces. Almost 10 x more client data captured than our traditional CRM workflows with zero disruption to any client facing staff, whilst delivering continuous insights to our sales and management teams.

Both parts of the business win.

Matthew Norman, Head of Technology at Redburn

Key Features

Increased Efficiency

Real-time data to drive your next best action.

Increased Opportunities

Identify trends and uncover hidden revenue-generating insights.

Increased Retention

Understand client preferences to tailor your service effectively.

Identify opportunities

Synapse understands automatically each client engagement, including trends and preferences in real-time. An essential component in delivering exceptional customer experience, building strong relationships, whilst understanding what clients are interested in.

  • Deliver on key relationships
  • Predict churn for actions to mitigate client loss
  • Discover new opportunities within your existing client base
  • Measure engagement variations across every contract, product and all subject areas

The system converts your data into the “Next Best Action” providing sales professionals and client relationship managers with live actionable insights that will accelerate commercial activity and client account retention to maximise revenue-generating opportunities.

Achieve great things with Synapse

Powered by leading edge machine intelligence, Synapse enables you to make the shift from laborious and inaccurate manual data entry, to truly release the value of your communications data.

Located on your premises or in the cloud, it helps you gain insights, spot trends and drive greater client returns – while uncovering risks and opportunities by suggesting next best actions to tackle them. All done in real time.

Working seamlessly with your systems and un-captured communications, Synapse enables you to take immediate action, improve retention and make smarter informed decisions.

Uncover risk

Synapse delivers accurate, real-time data that will help prevent you from losing clients. Intuitive and unobtrusive dashboards delivering insights derived from across your structured and unstructured interactions.

  • Immediately visualise declining engagement rates and understand why
  • Instantly assess all incoming and outgoing communication
  • Visibility of accounts at risk, and recommended actions to mitigate risk
  • Refine and personalise content to match your client needs and interests

Synapse integrates seamlessly into existing technology

Structuring unstructured communications and measuring relationships without ever disrupting employees. All delivered to your preferred device.

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