In today’s increasingly competitive world with rising pressure on margins, it’s more important than ever to maximise sales opportunities and minimise clients at risk. Successful client facing operations rely on delivering the right content, through the right channel, at the right time. Too much front-office time is wasted manually inputting data, distracting the focus away from revenue-generating activities.

Synapse automatically captures 100% of your client interaction data across all channels and devices and equips you with the data needed to thrive in today’s sales environment. Receive real-time client engagement metrics and granular content classification so you can deliver on key relationships, identify trending topics and upselling opportunities and mitigate clients at risk.


Automatically classifies all communication using AI

With an overview that distinguishes between high-value engagement types and internal or external interactions, you can see who is using what, and who is engaging with who.


Tracking every interaction- charge your CRM and spot accounts at risk

View your team’s client engagement over email, chat systems, calls and calendar. FeedStock tracks all your high-value, high-frequency client interactions without relying on actions that interfere with core tasks. The system delivers 10x more client engagement data and 5x more contacts than market leading CRMs**.

** = This was based on a side by side analysis of interaction data produced by the FeedStock system and a market leading CRM.


Built for the modern enterprise 

No email plugins, portals or manual inputs are required. FeedStock integrates server side to capture every email and link sent across all devices to give you 100% consistent data. Every internal and external email and chat message is automatically logged and classified to provide you with the most sophisticated interaction analytics available today.


Analyse engagement at a glance

Our machine learning algorithms automatically differentiate outbound information flows between bespoke and generic research and other engagements; as well as distinguishing between incoming client enquiries and other engagement types.


Power Search functionality uncovers rich insights

Analyse every email, topic and link that travels into and out of the organisation. Search and analyse individual emails, teams, email subject and sales campaigns using the intelligent keyword search system. Gain a full understanding of what your clients care about.


Act faster, deliver more

Track your email and its impact on your clients. FeedStock highlights when emails are opened and when links are clicked to give a granular understanding of the success of your product.


Analyse email campaigns

Synapse classifies how your all of your emails are being engaged with, differentiating between emails which have been opened and which links have been clicked on. We equip you with the data to identify up-selling and cross-selling opportunities as well as high traction clients and clients at risk.

Matthew Norman, Head of Technology at Redburn:

We are always looking for the best technology solutions that can deliver value to our business. We chose FeedStock because of its new automated approach to understanding client interactions and have been amazed by the insights it produces. Almost 10 x more client data captured than our traditional CRM workflows with zero disruption to any client facing staff, whilst delivering continuous insights to our sales and management teams.

Both parts of the business win.”