CRM manual data entry is inaccurate, inconsistent and disruptive to your front office. FeedStock integrates with your servers to automatically track, classify and analyse your client interactions across all your communication channels and devices. It is built for the modern workforce delivering unrivalled analytics on your business and clients. The system discovers clients at risk as well as up-selling opportunities. FeedStock removes the time consuming and inefficient burden of tracking interactions manually. There are no email plugins to configure and there are on-premise, cloud and hybrid options available. 


Automatically classifies all communication using AI

With an overview that distinguishes between high-value engagement types, you can immediately visualise the impact that your outreach is having and gain granular insights into your relationships.


Tracking every interaction- charge your CRM and reduce compliance risks

The data generated is 10x richer than market leading CRMand does not require any manual data entry or email plugins. FeedStock tracks all your high-value, high-frequency client and research interactions without relying on actions that interfere with core tasks. 


Analyse engagement at a glance

Our machine learning algorithms automatically differentiate outbound information flows between bespoke and generic research and other engagements; as well as distinguishing between incoming research enquiries, client enquiries and other engagement types.

360° Analytics

View your team’s client engagement over chat systems, calls, calendars and other data sources

The high-frequency, high-value communication mediums are difficult and time consuming to track resulting in inconsistent and inaccurate data. FeedStock leaves no stone unturned in its ability to provide a truly holistic picture of your client interactions.


Know your clients and information flows better

Track each email and chat interaction and its impact on your clients. FeedStock gives you granular insight into which emails are opened or forwarded and when links are clicked to give a full understanding of the success of your product as well as ensuring clear understanding of information flows.

Always there,
generating insights

FeedStock works with precision to automatically capture all your work-related interactions, giving you holistic analytics far beyond all CRM capability. FeedStock empowers you to outperform by knowing your clients better.

FeedStock will empower your enterprise.

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