Inaccurate data  and time consuming tracking of research brought about by MiFID II is not only impacting revenue-generation but is also exposing asset managers to inducement risks. Increased pressures on the bottom line mean now is the time to ensure that your decisions are based on centralised, independent data.

Cortex uses the very latest machine learning technology to automatically track research interactions and identify research inducements across all your communication streams. We deliver the most effective, non-disruptive research payment validation services available, keeping you and your business compliant, effective and in the knowledge that you are using correct data to make correct decisions. 


Research costs and payments analytics 

Automatically visualise your consumption and engagement of investment research services across all your channels with zero disruption to the investment process. Compare providers and service types across emails, chat, meetings, portals, calls and aggregators with FeedStock research analytics. 


Automatically identify and manage inducements

Potential inducements can be filtered and viewed to ensure your organisation is MiFID II compliant with no disruption to your revenue generators. FeedStock automatically generates audit trails and demonstrates process to the regulator.

Report Settings

Search and filter for granular detail

The fully-dynamic platform allows you to filter, search and sort the data across teams, service providers, contract types and time frames to produce bespoke reports or export the data.


Discover value

The system automates repetitive, time-consuming tasks for the users that are currently being done manually at the expense of productivity and at risk of being inaccurate, inconsistent and costly.


AI analysis of your interactions

FeedStock uses the latest machine learning technologies to classify your email and chat into bespoke research, generic research or other categories. The system monitors your engagement with your emails by differentiating between those that have been read, replied to, links clicked on or interacted with in other ways. Granular insight into your research consumption enables you to value, refine and optimise your operations. 

Always there,
generating value

FeedStock removes the bureaucratic burden of MiFID II research tracking with its progressive, non-disruptive system. Fully-automated, FeedStock works silently to maximise your business potential and keep you compliant.

FeedStock will empower your enterprise.

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