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FeedStock Synapse is launching; Redburn integrates.

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25 Feb 2019
Press Release

FeedStock announces the launch of its powerful sales insights product, Synapse, with Europe’s largest independent equities broker, Redburn, integrating the system. Synapse instantly captures every client email sent in and out of organisations. Delivering enriched, automatically categorised CRM data using AI, whilst tracking how people engage with emails and their content. The system is designed for modern businesses tracking each communication, across every device without the need for email plugins, behaviour change or any manual inputs.

Synapse delivers 10 x more client insights than traditional CRMs for both the client facing operators and management teams. Legacy CRM systems produce incomplete and out of date data, making the inputs unreliable for complete business decisions. The fully-integrated FeedStock software provides a centralised dataset that can be leveraged by the whole enterprise, teams and individuals. FeedStock can pipe data into CRMs, enabling an understanding of real pipeline progression and account management.

By leveraging the rich data, our clients can drive revenue growth by discovering hidden insights in relationships, campaigns and content whilst saving money with Synapse’s automated approach.

Matthew Norman, Head of Technology at Redburn, described the business rationale for choosing Synapse:

We are always looking for the best technology solutions that can deliver value to our business. We chose FeedStock because of its new automated approach to understanding client interactions and have been amazed by the insights it produces. Almost 10 x more client data captured than our traditional CRM workflows with zero disruption to any client facing staff, whilst delivering continuous insights to our sales and management teams. Both parts of the business win.”

Describing the benefits of Synapse for sales generation and account management, Charlie Henderson, FeedStock’s Founder and Managing Director said:

“We created Synapse to enable people to outperform, hit their KPIs and deliver excellent outcomes. People no longer need to rely on manually inputted and partial CRM data, FeedStock automates the whole process.

We are delighted to bring Synapse to the market at a time when data driven strategies begin to take hold over legacy CRM approaches.”

About FeedStock

FeedStock was founded in 2015 by two finance professionals who wanted to improve the way people work. FeedStock is backed by venture capitalist Illuminate Financial, and partnered with both IHS Markit and Cognizant.