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Essential analytics from your daily systems

Manual processes are inaccurate, inefficient and expensive to the business.

Replace the outdated, manual data entry processes with automated, accurate and real-time data streams. FeedStock’s system gathers 10x more engagement data than market leading CRMs without causing any disruption to the front-office. FeedStock generates an unparalleled dataset to help intelligent businesses grow.  

Poor data costs businesses an average of $15 million per year. *

FeedStock captures and filters 100% of your interaction data from all your communication channels. The system deploys the latest AI technologies to give you real-time notification of client engagement, highlight trending content across your outreach and provides you with the data required to personalise your outreach and capitalise on new opportunities within your client facing operations.

*Gartner, “Data Quality Market Survey” (2017)

Position your enterprise for increasing regulatory demands.

Smoothly navigate the changing regulatory landscape with non-disruptive and automated inducement monitoring and complete audit trails to satisfy MiFID II requirements. FeedStock reduces our clients’ risk of inducement by over 90%.

Lay the foundations of a future-proof enterprise.

FeedStock uses the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to capture, filter and analyse your work-related interactions in order to help you refine and improve your revenue-generating activities. Unlock a whole new level of AI-generated insights to build successful customer journeys, deliver on key relationships, predict churn and capitalise on upselling opportunities.

    Automatic & Accurate
  • 1. Automate CRM entry
  • 2. Identify clients at risk
  • 3. Monitor inducements
  • 4. Optimise efficiency

FeedStock will empower your enterprise.

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